WSJ Crossword March 23 2020 Answers

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WSJ Crossword March 23 2020 Answers


Pronoun for Mother Nature, HER
To no ___ (in vain), AVAIL
Like secret messages, CODED
Vowel’s point value in Scrabble, ONE
Specialized market, NICHE
Annoy, PEEVE
“Shop ___ You Drop”, TIL
Finely chopped ingredient in some pasta sauces, DICEDGARLIC
Opposed to hillbilly-style, AGIN
Extreme anger, RAGE
“I have a dream” monogram, MLK
Admission of fear, IMSOSCARED
Portend, BODE
Overly enthusiastic, RAHRAH
Pay tribute to, HONOR
“Holy smokes!”, YIPES
Poker payment, ANTE
Classic German racing car, PORSCHESPYDER
Composer’s numbered piece, OPUS
Extreme fear, DREAD
Game with bouncing balls, LOTTO
Rental agreements, LEASES
Fans at the Yale Bowl, ELIS
Crocheting need, COTTONYARN
Herd of whales, GAM
Litigious person, SUER
Currency of Cannes Córdoba and Cologne, EURO
Cracker Jack extra and what the answers with circles have, PRIZEINSIDE
D.C. baseballer, NAT
“The Fox and the Grapes” writer, AESOP
Political influence, CLOUT
Pest at a picnic, ANT
Helen Mirren and Maggie Smith for two, DAMES
Reduced as tensions, EASED
Hog haven, STY
Bombastic talk, HOTAIR
Total mystery, ENIGMA
Frankfurter topping, RELISH
“Then what?”, AND
Seven on a sundial, VII
Capital of Ghana, ACCRA
“Rumor has it…”, IHEAR
Perch for potted plants, LEDGE
IRS forms expert, CPA
“___ the land of the free…”, OER
Canned vegetable brand, DELMONTE
Satanic sort, EVILDOER
Double-___ bus, DECKER
H.S. dropout’s test, GED
Neither partner, NOR
States as fact, SAYSSO
Stylish, CHIC
Strong tie, BOND
Panettiere of TV’s “Nashville”, HAYDEN
Deg. for a prof, PHD
Always in poetry, EER
Atlanta-to-Tampa dir., SSE
Sunbathing spot, POOLAREA
Glass-half-full attitude, OPTIMISM
Dirt road hazards, RUTS
___ Alto California, PALO
Hockey goalie’s protective wear, LEGPAD
Thumbs-up vote, AYE
Ski lodge features, SAUNAS
Straying from the course, ERRANT
Arrogantly unpleasant, SNOTTY
CBS forensics franchise, CSI
Postal scale unit, OUNCE
Big name in electric autos, TESLA
Some jazz combos, TRIOS
Ballet-loving Muppet, ZOE
Short albums for short, EPS
Scheduled to arrive, DUE
Flight takeoff fig., ETD

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