Clues starting with B

In this page you will find all the crossword clues that start with the letter B. There are a total of 11494 clues that start with the letter B.

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Clue Answer # Letters
Book character whose name is Turkish for lion 5
Bananas 5
Business presentation with audio commentary? 13
Barracks boss 5
Bill word 3
Brazen 4
Bay State symbol 7
Bills with Jefferson’s portrait 3
Barbecue joint choices 4
Barber creation 5
Bio figure 3
Bone-chilling 6
Brother of Michael and La Toya 4
Bolt connector 3
Brand once touted with The Shoes of Champions—They Wash 4
Billing unit sometimes 4
Bad-mouth informally 4
Butler to Gomez Addams 5
Busy street during San Francisco’s Summer of Love 7
Bit of binary code 3
Bathers at Asnières painter 6
Big hauler 4
Bee or Em 4
Buzz’s colleague on the moon 4
Bugs e.g. 5
Bench with hymnals 3
Big name in film history 10
Back muscle familiarly 3
Be worth the hassle 6
Buckwheat treat 5

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