Clues starting with M

In this page you will find all the crossword clues that start with the letter M. There are a total of 9733 clues that start with the letter M.

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Clue Answer # Letters
Muddy Waters specialty 10
Many a Corelli composition 10
Move like moths 4
Magic show volunteer sometimes 5
Monkey in Disney’s Aladdin 3
Marathon runner’s ID 3
Many a time 3
Mall makeup 6
Multiple choice options often 4
Musk of X 4
Mennonite offshoot 5
Make cookies 4
Music producer Brian 3
Main characters in The Revenant e.g. 11
Moral lapse 3
Modern warfare staples 6
Mojito base 3
Music box? 6
Member of the family Hominidae 3
Montaigne pieces 6
Monitors in an anger management clinic? 16
Middle of England 6
Mysterious quality 4
Manicurist’s tool 5
Most valuable perhaps 5
Many a souk shopper 4
Many hour-long shows 6
Masterly 5
Mafioso who gets away clean? 10
Milan’s Teatro ___ Scala 4

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