Clues starting with I

In this page you will find all the crossword clues that start with the letter I. There are a total of 5649 clues that start with the letter I.

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Clue Answer # Letters
Is inventive in a way 9
In abundance 6
Into the Woods song 5
Imposed 6
Island nation in the Indian Ocean 10
Ill humor 6
Into pieces 5
Ibiza por ejemplo 4
Is for many people? 3
Ingredient of sweetened Thai tea and a hint to solving some squares in this puzzle 13
It wets your whistle 6
Inquire 3
Impetuous 4
I problem 3
I am so frustrated! 3
It moves the cursor to an earlier line 5
Inc. abroad 3
Irish wailer 7
If you ask me... 3
Irascibility 5
I Survived Bear Grylls channel 3
Itty-bitty 3
Ipanema setting 3
Injury reminder 4
Impassive sort 5
Ilhan in Congress 4
In good condition 4
In a frenzy 4
In good condition 3
It may be found under sofa cushions or in the circled letters 11

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